COVID-19 Safety Plan For Tinhouse Brewing
COVID-19 Lounge HS&E Policies

This page outlines specific policies and changes to the lounge working environments to keep employees and guests safe while respecting provincial heath orders regarding COVID-19. These policies were developed jointly between management and staff. 

 Employee Well-Being

If you do not feel well, do NOT come to work. Contact management to help arrange a replacement for your shift. If you start to feel unwell DURING your shift, tell your coworkers, contact management and make arrangements to have your shift covered and go home. Management can help you arrange to get home safely.

Social Distancing


For ordering, only one patron or group should be in the ordering area at a time. Other patrons are expected to wait in the marked area. Please encourage patrons to respect the spacing marked on the floor. Off-sale customers should expect to wait in the same queue as those ordering draft beer.

Patrons MUST provide contact information (name and phone number) for a minimum of ONE person per group. This information will be written on the patron's receipt by the employee and retained by Tinhouse for thirty (30) days as required by the Provincial Health Officer (PHO). 

NOTE: Patrons who are not willing to provide this information will be refused service.

Filling Orders:

Staff will place filled orders on the bar for pick-up. Ensure you stand back away from the bar during customer pick-up.


Tinhouse's lounge occupancy is currently restricted to 34 patrons at a time. Tinhouse is actively working on providing outdoor seating. Patrons are restricted to groups of no more than SIX (6) at any one table. Tables are not to be moved by patrons.

Tinhouse has placed social distance guidance throughout the lounge for customers. We are not the police – employees should not feel as if they must enforce. Instead, engage customers when they order about their group(s) (”bubbles”) in a positive and informative way. As much as customers may not want to hear it, if they can’t abide by the Public Health Orders in place, Tinhouse (and other places like us) may have to close again.

Tinhouse employees are NOT responsible for asking customers about their recent travel history or their general wellness. However, if you see someone who is clearly ill, please ask them how they are feeling… and call for help.

Surface Contacts


Payment by Credit Card/Debit (tap) is strongly preferred. Cash is NOT BEING ACCEPTED, which includes gratuities.  If working the order station, you can fill draft glasses or growlers provided you have NOT handled dirty glassware.

Changes to Tinhouse's Menu have been made to minimize touch-points/surface contact areas. These changes are: NEW GROWLER  or TINHOUSE-BRANDED GROWLER FILLS ONLY.  NO FLIGHTS.  These changes are in effect immediately until otherwise posted.

Filling Orders:

For anything draft – including growler fills – only one person should be doing that task.  If you are filling orders, you should NOT be handling cash or bussing dirty glassware. You CAN remove clean glassware from the sanitizer for drying, filling, or putting away.


If you are bussing dirty glasses into the sanitizer, ensure you do not touch clean glassware. When emptying the sanitizer, always leave at least a quarter of the glassware travel area open for filling.

CLEAN (orange bottle + coloured cloth) then SANITIZE (pink bottle + white cloth). If you can do only one, SANITIZE.  High-touch areas include:  Door handles (front door, bathrooms, merchandiser);  Top of the pony wall;   Tables (when not occupied);  Ordering area;   Pick-up area; and Bussing area.

After bussing/filling the sanitizer OR cleaning and sanitizing any surfaces including bathrooms, WASH YOUR HANDS thoroughly. If you are wearing nitrile gloves, WASH YOUR GLOVES after cleaning/sanitizing any surfaces.

After cleaning the bathrooms, write down the time of cleaning with your initials. High-traffic days (Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays) should be cleaned on average 5 times; other days 3 times or more (staff discretion).

Refilling the Merchandiser:

As best as practical, do so when there are no customers in the order station area. Wash your hands.  Bring out the product(s) to be refilled.  Sanitize the Merchandiser door handles.  Refill the products as needed.  Wash your hands (unless you will be cleaning and/or bussing next).

Other Contact Surface Considerations:

Due to the difficulty in maintaining adequate sanitization, board games and magazines have been temporarily removed from the Lounge.

Think: HOT Hands and COLD Hands

  Personal Protective Equipment

All Tinhouse lounge employees are provided PPE at no cost. This includes but is not limited to:

·        Nitrile gloves

·        Rubber gloves (for cleaning)

·        Mask* (if required/preferred).


 Dispose of used single-use PPE in the garbage. Other PPE should be clearly labeled with employee’s name and stored in their locker.

Lounge Operations Manual

All other SOPs within the Lounge Operations Manual apply, including:

·        Twice daily temperature checks of both the merchandiser and the cold room;

·         Daily iodine test of the glass sanitizer.